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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Hugo Montenegro, 1968

What a man!  He went all night.  And if I catch him, and her, and their kids, they'll be soup.  Anyone who thinks roosters crow only at dawn has never been to Vieques.  Maybe they are attracted by all the rotten breadfruit and mangoes that have dropped in the yard?  I must get someone to help me clean up the outside.
Today will be a Clint Eastwood day - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  That is how I have categorized the curtains.  All but one set must go,go,go.  Hopefully, I can find something to fill all the holes I'm going to make in the walls.  I see alot of white paint in my future!!.
Isn't there a song about a plastic Jesus?  Well, we now have one, compliments of a past owner.  He will stay on the refrigerator until we find a proper spot.  I pray to plastic Jesus when I take a chance on the shower and find that its not a problem - however, a little scary to shower with an electric cord hanging so close to my face.
  I organize my first day's errands - pharmacia, muebleria (order twin beds), post office, Carolyn's (home items), Health Food Store, Morales and fish market.  After dragging another load up the hill, my next job is to continue cleaning and get the guest room ready for bed delivery.
I move onto the stove/oven.  There is a large center oval burner that is intriguing.  The oven is calibrated in degrees centigrade, so I will have to convert whenever I cook.  Taking down the curtains greatly improves the entire room, however, hardware removal is time consuming.  Many of the "works" of the windows need replacing.  I'll add that to the growing list of things to purchase at the hardware store, appropriately named "Nales".
I haven't had a real meal in two days, so I clean up and head down the street to the Barefoot Bistro.  Hungrily thinking of food makes me remember a dish I recently made for a friend -
Ensalada de Pulpo (Octopus Salad)
2 tins octopus drained (unless you can get fresh and cook it in the pressure cooker)
1 green plantain - cooked aldente and large chop
1 cucumber, peeled and seeded, large chop
chopped red pepper             chopped green olives
chopped cilantro                  minced garlic
1 bunch green onions, sliced   minced fresh ginger
capers                                 lemon/lime juice
adobo seasoning                    olive oil
Mix above together.  Delicious!!
Emily from next door and a friend invite me to share their table.  Its a delicious, fun evening with the girls and I have no problem falling asleep from exhaustion.

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